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PCAW Mainstay Nick Booz

PCAW Mainstay Iceberg

PCAW Mainstay Ratt

PCAW Mainstay Rival

PCAW Mainstay Masked Mystery Man

PCAW Mainstay Super Sloth

PCAW Mainstay Dill Dowe

PCAW Mainstay Bob Johnson

Here are the current Champion Listings:
Overweight Champion:

People's Champion:
Roth "The Ratt" Sedgewick

Multi-Cultural Champion:
"Southside" Cletus McBriar

Soft-Core Champion:
Bob Johnson "Porno Star"

Co-Op Champions:
The Sons Of Bitches

Handi-Cap Champion:
Super Sloth

PCAW RCCW RPG GAME=> Malevolent Hell: Spyder's Calling 2 COMPLETE!
"Hello Everyone, PCAW Owner Nicholas J. Booz speaking. After a long wait and two hours up uploading on an FTP server the second game is here! In a joint collaboration with ROSE CITY CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (Indiana's premier Independent Wrestling Company, available through our links page wink wink) we bring to you the ONLY Pro-Indy Wrestling Role Play Game in existance! And it's free! thats right! be the first kid on your block to play and beat MALEVOLENT HELL: SPYDER'S CALLING 2!!! With graphics only paralelled (or exceeded) by every game out after the creation of the Super Nintendo. This is the Ultimate in PC gaming! Hell we even drew up a help me-read me-cheat me file for you if you need it. So what are you waiting for?
The File is in ZIP format so having win-zip or a zip file program will help you can run the install file from there, or extract the files into a folder and install from there.

300 Mhz CPU
32 Mb RAM
30 Mb Hard Disk Space
Sound-Card with MIDI driver (most of them have one)

Click here for the PCAW RPG PC GAME!

Click here for the Game help me read me cheat me file!


It was an amazing day at Hicks Field folks! To kick things off, the fired NEMESIS came back and held Nick Booz at Gun Point and forced him to give him a new contract. Nick Booz was no stranger to gun play, so he took the contract and made an unkown addendum to it then signed it. What was the addendum, who knows? Then "Southside" made an open challenge to the back for anyone who would fight him for the Multi-Cultural Title...and NEMESIS responded. Fortunately Southside beat the living hell out of nemesis to win the Multi-Cultural Title. Then Ratt had his match with Super Sloth for the PEOPLE'S TITLE. Supersloth put up a hell of a fight, but The veteran Ratt nailed him with the Ratt Fink for the 123 to make his first time earning of the People's Title. Enter Bob Johnson "Porno Star" to face Rival for the Softcore Title. Volleys of dropkicks, elbows, suplexes, and the like flew through the ring like a hot knife through butter. Rival nailedd his finisher "The Whipsmack" on BJPS but Bob was a tough son of a gun and managed to kick out at the last second and turn around and nail Rival with the Crispy Creamer for the win! After that was the Co-Op Title match between the Sons of Bitches and The Henchman. The match seemed like it would never end as neither team would give one inch. But Iceberg and Southside nailed Masked Mystery Man with a double Reverse Neckbreaker (aka the 3-D) and pinned his mexican ass for the victory! Then for the biggest prize PCAW has to offer....The OVERWEIGHT TITLE! Iceberg was literally having the living tar beaten out of him by Masked Mystery Man. Then Masked Man hit his System Crash finisher on Icee...but ICEE KICKED OUT AT THE ONE COUNT! Masked Man seemed to be confused at how that was even possible! Suddenly Iceberg insuylting the masked mystery man, calling him the masked mexi-melt and the mexicant, etc etc proceeded to nail him with the Avalanche and finish him off with the biggest Titanic Legdrop you ever Saw! Congratulations Iceberg, your the New OVERWEIGHT CHAMPION! The day came to a close as Nick Booz made an open challenge to anyone who thought they could join the ranks of the Extremely few men to have beaten him (aka Katzen jammer, EZ Money, Stroh, and Nemesis) At first no one seemed to want to make that list, then suddenly the song Fall Guy blasted out the speakers and Roth "The Ratt" Sedgewick came out to take Booz's challenge. It was an even match throughout, both men giving all they had. Out of nowhere Spyder hit Ratt with his Spyder Ryder move...RATT KICKED OUT! upset but not futile, Spyder reposed and nailed Ratt with a powerbomb nd a knee lift, then nailed his FRONTIER PSYCHIATRY on Ratt. It was all over for Ratt...except he SOMEHOW kicked out of THAT! Ratt seemed to be DETERMINED to defeat Nick Booz, and on that he hit Nick with not one....not twoo...but THREE RATT FINKS!!!! Nick Booz was barely showing signs of life when Ratt went for the pin....1.....2.....3!!!! Ratt had done it! He now belongs to an especially elite few. He defeated Booz fair and square!! afterwards it was nothing but sportsmanship between Booz and Sedgewick, they shook hands hugged and Booz raised Ratts hand in victory as he quietly left to let Ratt celebrate. Good Job Guys A most excellent show indeed.

From The Desk of Commissioner Larry Nabisco: official PCAW WINAMP Skin!"
"Hey PCAWites!!! Have I got a treat for you! Seeing as PCAW is about not charging our fans to see our shows, or to seee anything related to thee PCAW, I have gone out of my way to get you die hard PCAW faans a treat! We now have our own WINAMP skin! It has the colors of the PCAW (RED WHITE AND BLUE, Brent Adams would be proud!) and the PCAW logo right on the Visualization panel. Be the first kid on your block to have it on your computer! You can download this PCAW WINAMP SKIN entitled PCAW MACHINE at the link below! I hope you all enjoy it! As much as I despise the F-Team, I am for4ced tto acknowledge that they have fans too, and so be on the look out for the F-TEAM MACHINE winamp skin as well when I pay our programmer to create it. So click on the link below to get the OFFICIAL PCAW WINAMP SKIN!
PCAW winamp skin: PCAW MACHINE. Click here!

PCAW Entertainment Company Annual and Bi-Annual Special Events
PCAW Wrestling Events
Spring Broke
Bash Not At The Beach
Plumber Slam
Backyard Wild
No Way In
Erection Day
Sober Octoberfest

PCAW Festive Eventsthese are with PCAW wrestlers performing for the fans of course!
Water Wars
Fun for the whole family, see your favorite PCAW wrestlers compete in events like the water joust on a 30 foot beam over an olympic sized pool! Free food and drink for all!!

Paulding Thunder
Enjoy the fireworks display every 4th of July pre-empted by events like 4-Wheeler Racing, the Mud-Derby, Fat-Sumo Contest and many others!

The Redneck Olympics
Watch your favorite PCAW stars compete in events like the Lumber Jack, where each competitor takes a junked up car and attempts to knock a tree down! or the gold-olds pull! come on down and enjoy the show every august!

The Ruritan Parade
Come and see your favorite PCAW stars on their float as well as the local Shriners and ROTC cadets and all three local Paulding high schools and middle schools in the ruritan parade!

"I dont care how big a draw you are,
If you miss just one scheduled appearance
then I will Fire your ass!"

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